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Ahmed Drief is a professional Flamenco and Spanish guitarist. He dedicated 8 years of his career learning Flamenco in the city of Granada, South of Spain with his teacher Eduardo Aguilera Paris. He has more than 20 years of experience (USA, Europe, and Africa). He played in many weddings, corporate functions and private parties and he offers quality and reliability at competitive rates. Ahmed also has produced 3 albums, including his 2012 album "Caramel" and 2013 "Calle Zaida" that are available on iTunes and all digital stores. 

His solo offerings feature Flamenco and classical guitar suitable for weddings and a variety of other occasions, be they public, private, or corporate. The ensemble selections showcase professional violinists, guitarists, percussionists, Flamenco dancers and more who can join him for your event. 

Whether you want elegant Flamenco or Classical music, background or upbeat tunes, please call OR email to discuss working together to provide the perfect musical experience for your special event. 

Ahmed Drief 
(925) 400-3028

Ahmed Drief – Biography


Background and influence

Born in North Africa, in the city of Tetouan (Morocco) Ahmed, at the age of 7, started making his own guitars to develop his playing skills. He had to wait until the age of 14 to see his first guitar as a gift from his mom. Later he began to play Oud and master guitar.


The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a talented musical neighborhood on the Mediterranean Sea meant that Ahmed was always surrounded by different forms of music, including Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Reggae, Rock, and Pop. Although, he didn’t come from family with a musical background, most of his childhood friends were musicians and they exposed him to a wealth of music during his childhood which influenced his musical development.


Although Ahmed’s musical journey started in North Africa (Morocco) his musical influence was restarted in Spain. In 1994, Ahmed fell in love with Flamenco when he moved to Granada. He spent 8 years learning Flamenco with one the most talented Flamenco teachers.


He is keen to point out that everything he listens to directs his musical development in some way. However, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Trio Joubrane, Radiohead, Pink Floyd are his biggest influences.



In 2001, Ahmed moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to continue his research as a PhD geologist. He soon realized that making music was his only passion. He began to showcase his talent in various venues across the Bay Area, playing at numerous venues and gigs. He was quickly noted for his unique style that he brought to the Fusion Flamenco/Middle Eastern/Jazz. In 2005, he founded his first band Garnada with Victor Lin, Mike Masuda and others.


In 2010, he has produced his first album “Sounds Of Morocco” which was a soundtrack kind of album, a compilation of 10 tracks where he experimented with Middle Eastern and North African fusion. In 2011, he released another album called “Rachida” with similar influences.

In 2012, Ahmed Drief las launched a new album with Flamenco/Spanish Music called “Caramel” which is a 12 instrumental track album that provides a combination of an exciting Flamenco guitar soloing with rhythms from Spain (cajon), India (tabla), South America (bossa Nova drum) and many other instruments. His unique melodic and soothing style reflects a combination of Flamenco, Jazz, Funk and many other influences.

In 2013, guitarist Ahmed Drief has launched a new album "Calle Zaida". It features strong flamenco rhythms fused with Arabic and Latin textures. Drief uses Flamenco guitar, bass, percussions, flute and other exotic instruments to create his fusion. Check out Arabian Dream; a mix of exotic Middle Eastern influences with flute, violin and other percussion instruments such as Doumbek  in harmony with Flamenco Guitar to create more seductive rhythm and melodies; its like music of different cultures coming together.

Current Project: Ahmed is working currently on a new album that is launching in 2017. In his new album Ahmed experiment with a new fusion based on his Flamenco Romantic instrumental guitar fusic with Hip Hop drum. More to come.


Contact information

Ahmed’s website can be found at, where you can find information on his bio, discography, photos upcoming events dates, etc…


Ahmed Drief


Phone: (925) 400-3028

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